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2.01 patch release

As some of you may already know, the Netscape Navigator 2.01 patch 
release stuff has begun rolling out.  As of now the downloadable 
(export) versions of 2.01 are available at


This includes full 2.01 binary releases for the export (40-bit 
encryption) versions for Windows (16 and 32-bit), Macintosh, and the 
various Unix platforms.

For information on the problems fixed, see the respective release notes:


In particular, note that 2.01 includes the Java applet security manager 
patch, so you won't need to download that separately if you're 
upgrading from 2.0.

There will also be patch releases available to update to 2.01 the U.S. 
(128-bit encryption) versions of 2.0 for Windows (16 and 32-bit) and 
Macintosh, for those users who purchased (or otherwise received) those 
versions from Netscape or a Netscape reseller/OEM.  (The Macintosh patch 
release is there as I write, the Windows patch releases should follow 
soon.) There is no patch release for the Unix U.S. versions; a later 
announcement (to go up on on the Netscape home page soon) will have 
pointers to how users of the U.S. Unix versions can get 2.01.

So, to summarize:

If you previously downloaded 2.0 (export version) for any platform, you 
can download a full 2.01 release now.

If you purchased or otherwise received the 2.0 U.S. versions for 
Macintosh or Windows, you'll be able to download a patch to update your 
2.0 U.S. version to a 2.01 U.S. version.

If you purchased or otherwise received the 2.0 U.S. version for Unix 
platforms, there will be information on our home page soon about how to 
get a replacement 2.01 U.S. version.

(Incidentally, if you're unsure whether you have the export or U.S. 
version, select "About Netscape" from the help menu, and look in the 
section with the RSA logo.  The U.S. version will say "This version 
supports U.S. security...", while the export version will say "This 
version supports international security...".  Every release on our FTP 
server(s) is the export version.)


P.S. I don't speak officially for Netscape, so don't consider this an 
official Netscape announcement; that will be on our home page soon.  I 
just wanted to make sure you all knew what was going on as soon as 
possible, since this has been an active subject of discussion on the 

Frank Hecker          Pre-sales tech support, Netscape Federal sales
hecker@netscape.com   http://home.netscape.com/people/hecker/

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