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Re: document.location problem

Yours is a good mandate, and I appreciate the time you have spent here, and
on the newsgroups.  This is a critical time for Netscape, and it needs to
concentrate on keeping marketshare.  Seeing what I've seen of Netscape, they
won't let Microsoft make too many inroads.  Witness the rebuttal to MS's new
server just a day after they released it.  I'm sure that surprised Gates and
Microsoft, as they aren't used to competitors who fight back, and do so quickly.

I'm hoping to hear of some good news soon to offset the Microsoft/AOL

-- Gordon

At 04:54 PM 3/13/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Gordon McComb wrote:
>> Speaking of "patroling" the lists, have you noticed that generally
>> input from Netscapians is low this week and last.  Methinks they have
>> a new mandate: "get 3.0 out the door before Microsoft has us for
>> lunch."
>Actually, my mandate is "help sell lots of Netscape products to 
>the Federal government" :-)  I'm sorry I personally haven't had time to 
>respond to questions on the list (but then I'm not the expert in these 
>areas that Brendan is).
-- Gordon

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