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Re: animated GIFs

>Gordon Mueller wrote:
>> Well,
>> watch out for those animated GIFs, they are constantly downloading.
>----> actually, animated GIF89a files are not constantly
>downloading... They load from the original server one time into the
>user's cache, then reload from the user's machine over and over....

this is indeed correct. i to was fooled. we have discovered a way to make
to reload occur less frequently and not trash the users hard drive as much
by including more frames in the animation. as the whole gif is not supposed
to be animated anyway (only parts of it are supposed to move) it won't add
that much size to the gif.

/**                               sigfile                                 */

public class Signature extends Applet implements Runnable {
        String          name = "devon lazarus\n";
        String          title = "production manager\n";
        String          company = "c|net online\n";
        String          address = "http://www.cnet.com\n";;

        System.out.println(name + title + company + address);

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