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Re: referencing from

> When you send the value on a form to a function from INSIDE the form you use:
> Eventhandler="CalledFunction(this.form)"
> How is this done when the sended form is another form that is NOT this.form
> in this example, instead of

This is not very elegant but just go for the throat. A form element 
is a directly accessable object. This is NOT a real world example, 
just the concept.

<FORM NAME=form1>
<INPUT NAME=val1 TYPE=text SIZE=20>

<FORM NAME=form2>
<INPUT NAME=val2 TYPE=text SIZE=20>

<FORM NAME=form3>
<INPUT NAME=answer TYPE=text SIZE=20>

function total(){
// assumes form strings will equate to integers
// -->

Obviously you will have to place a call to total() somewhere. A total 
button in form3 with onClick"total()" should do it.

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