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Re: onMouseOver problems.

Sean Mullally wrote:

>> I have a page with thumbnail images that link to larger images. I am
>> tring to use JavaScript to put a caption for each image in
>> Netscape's location bar that usually would show the URL of each link.
>> I am trying to use the onMouseOver event handler, but only the first
>> image in the document will do this properly, the rest continue to show
>> the URL. UNLESS I exit the page and go back, making Netscape reload the
>> page from cache. Then it works properly on all images.
>> Has anyone had a similar problem, or know a solution? 

>chris moses wrote:
>YES!!! The basic fact of life is that, in my final conclusion, JavaScript

The biggest mistake folks seem to make when implementing java script is they
neglect to give all images on the page whether linked to the script or not a
image width and height atribute. I can not see why you would say that
javascript sucks, I am in love with it, and find that there are a few small
problems and somethings that do not work very well that peolpe have tried,
but basically it gives you a lot more freedom in page design.

Also I must thank everyone who has helped me get up to speed on javascript
and invite you to visit my site where I have implemented some of the better
ideas I have found out in the javascript community. http://bcpub.com

Thanks Chris

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