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Re: 2 ways to load stuff(was Re: writing to frames)

This is the second message I've gotten where stuff was incorrectly quoted to
me (now I've been quoted making the reply, and the reply to the reply).  As
a general request to all, please make sure when you quote you pick up the
right "quotee."  Otherwise things get messed up and confusing.

-- Gordon

At 08:10 PM 3/7/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>Gordon McComb wrote:
>>> >
>>> >I am just trying to get a handle on a, yes, logically congruent,
>>> >metaphor, sorry for the rambling...in a nutshell:
>>> >if window.href="whatever" does not immediately load "whatever"
>>> >is logically incongruent then
>>> >document.title="Name" not immediately changing the title bar
>>> >is equally so.
>>> >
>>> >No?
>>Couldn't it just be that JS suppressed that particular error?
>JavaScript has a lot of objects that are read-only, and for the sake of
>niceness, it doesn't error.  document.title is one of those.

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