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Re: JavaScript Digest V001 #66

I have seen alot of postings about people using Marquees (scrolling text) 
in the text input form element.  I wrote my own little applet a week or so 
ago, and I like it because:
1. It doesn't suffer from memory problems,
2. No dynamic spacing or anything like that,
3. It works no matter what the string size is (aka to change the string 
all you have to do is change the string!),
4. Variable speed
  I think (not that I'm boasting, just trying to be 
logical) that it's the best to use.  Feel free to steal it!

// Marquee function originally written and debugged by Rick Osborne,
// oz@grove.ufl.edu - March 3, 1996

tx = "Welcome to Rick's Home Page!! - " 
function showmarquee () {
 if (i>(tx.length-1)) {i=0;};
 if (i>0) {ttx = tx.substring(i,tx.length)+tx.substring(0,i);}
  else {ttx=tx;};
 document.marquee.face.value = ttx;
 timerID = setTimeout("showmarquee()",200);
// -->
<form name="marquee" onSubmit="0">
<input type="text" name="face" size=50 value="">

There you go!

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