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Re: EVAL() -- is this a bug???

Not sure if anyone else is aware of this yet, but Brendan Eich announced
that the next release of Navigator has fixed eval()!!  Whew... thats a relief.

Don't have a time frame for next release, but it is supposed to be coming
shortly.  Hold your hats.

-Andy Augustine
JavaScript 411

At 10:58 AM 3/7/96 -0800, Gordon McComb wrote:
>Is there a particular reason you're using eval?  Seems to me could
>accomplish the same thing by putting a variable (str) there instead.
>I don't know if it is eval, but as eval crashes on Windows 3.1, I have taken
>it out of everything I do.  It is possible that the eval function is
>terribly broken in other ways, but since the introduction of the crash bug
>in a late beta of Netscape 2.0, I've seen its use dwindle.
>-- Gordon

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