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Hello fellow JavaScripters,

Has anyone besides me encountered a problem with the links.length property?
I have a frame that contains an html document with a 16 links in it, and
the document.links.length value is 19.  When I step through them with a "for"
loop, three of these links show up twice.  These links contain the outline of
a course, and I am trying to allow the "previous" and "next" buttons to step
through the links array show the appropriate page in another frame (this avoids
having a separate array that holds the course outline.)

On a related note, when a link is clicked, is there a way for the event handler
to know what the index of this link is?  I would like to pass it to another
function, and am currently having to hardcode the index value.

I hope these two problems are clear, but if not I can send some code frags.  

Jim Weaver

email: jlweaver@mail.delcoelect.com
voice: (317)451-4729 
fax:   (317)451-4108
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