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Re: What's New

Hi Gordon,

I have a Problem using the document.referrer for my What's new Script.
It isn't affected by the "back" button, that means after clicking the 
"back" button on the page the script sent me to, document.referrer is 
still the same... Know waht I mean?

I would like to have a read access to the history, is there a way?
So I could read the History without changing the location.

I think there must be a way! One thing, and that is very important for 
I don't want any code on the pages I send the Visitor to. Then it would 
be easy - set a cookie on that page, and check for it on the "main page", 
then clear it again (or set to another value.

Any Idea?

So long

Gordon McComb wrote:
> Great start!  But...you don't want to take people to a new page.  Screws up
> their back button.  Do it with frames, or dynamically write the page.  Or,
> use the referrer property to check where they are coming from (this is one
> method I'm trying myself now).  If they are coming from your "wots gnu" page
> you can skip the code that just sends them back there!_____________________________________________________________________
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