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Re: writing to frames

>I have a list of links in one frame. On a mouseover() event I want a brief
>description of the currently selected link to be written in another small
>frame in the user window. How can I write to other frames in a window from
>within this frame?

In the frame in which you want the description to appear, add the 

<input type="text" value="" size=60 name="display">

(Please check the 'size' item, as it may be width -- I just can't 
remember off hand.)

>From the frame with the links, the tag should be as follows:

<a href="somelocation" onmouseover="document.forms[0].display.value='Some 
brief explanation'">...</a>

I believe that should do the trick. For enhancements, try adding a 
timeout so that the explanation is only displayed for a brief period 
(five seconds, say). This is a technique I don't personally use and am 
not familiar enough with it to include the coding here. For an example of 
onmouseover with the explanation in the status line, you're all welcome 
to visit a site currently under development at 


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