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Re: Caching and JS - Bug?

For all involved in this discussion.  I will try to publish the code 
that I know gives the problem (Its an internal site and I'm not at 
liberty to devulge their info. , but there are ways around anything).  
But lets be real.... Its not the JS code giving the problem, its the way 
NETSCAPE caches the web page that is the problem.

Get it, its the caching that causes the problem!!!! sorry I got involved 
in this, but after having lit this fire I checked around, many others 
have reported the same thing. And if anyone wants, I will investigate 
giving out a list of phone numbers and e-mail address of the people I 
work with who have been on the receiving end of this flub so you can 
finally believe its a problem!  i don't guess it affects many people out 
there, but silly me I made a HUGE intranet site, and stuck many, many 
JS's in the pages (several hundred different ones, some that are over 
300 lines of code long).  Mabye at this wholesale grade of distribution 
the problem sets in, I don't know.

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