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Re: Caching and JS - Bug?

>>Are you sure you don't have something funky like a weird cache (especially
with extra long delayed writes)?  I'm astonished that if the problem is 
big it should have generated a massive amount of debate on the several
JavaScript-related newsgroups.  It's come up maybe once or twice, with 
not a
lot of people chiming in.

Gordon, your not seeing the prob often would be consistent with my 
experiance.  I never saw the probelm until I started to release my stuff 
to the general internal public.  Then it all busted wide open!! I took 
very many painfully long nights (read mornings) to relize it was the 
cache, and also to relize I never saw it happen on ONE single 
developement machine (or at least not often enough to notice)
Sorry I started a controversy

P.S. how is the book coming? that is yo isn't it?
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