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JS and DataBases?

Hi all.
     I confess this doesn't entirely fall into the realm of this list, but
please be patient... I am currently working on a interactive kiosk demo for a
medium sized corporation- a sort of proof-of-concept, if you will. We're
using FileFlex as our go-between from Director to a DBF database. Now- to the
fun part. We want to offer this company a web site at the same time, and we'd
like to use a similar UI for the website as the interactive (customized and
expanded for www, though). My question is this- is there a way to get
javascript talking to databases, or does anyone out there know of a
third-party tool whitch will allow js to do this? 
    A reply here would be fine if you think everyone will benefit... if not,
my new email address id SidI@eworld.com

Thanks- Steve Ivy, ArtLab Europe, Altensteig, Germany.
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