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significant figures

Hello again

I posted this question over a week ago and have had no replies so I thought
I'd try again!

Is there a way to accurately round off numbers to a given number of decimal
places (2!) - obviously useful for any sort of monetary display field.

I've looked at a fair number of examples of spreadsheets, calculators etc.
and none of them do this!

I've tried using code like

              (round(100 x myNumber))/100

- no good, not only do all the decimal places fill up again but also it's
not accurate! (You typically get something like 1.99999999999 instead of 2

Anyone out there got a definite answer on this one - "it can't be done"
would be better than nothing!


John Reddie

PowerMEDIA Ltd. - Data Presentation & AV systems design & production

proShow Systems - "Show control" for theatre, concerts & exhibitions

email: johnr@powermedia.co.uk   website: http://www.powermedia.co.uk

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