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Re: Frames, Forms, & Core Dumps

I tried your code and it works fine for me.  I'm using 2.0 under Windows 95.
I tried to think of what might be in your code that Netscape under Unix
doesn't like, and can't remember seeing a specific bug report about this.
Have you tried it with just the button and list in one document (i.e. no
frames)?  If so, does it crash then, too?

- Gordon

At 10:05 AM 2/29/96 -0700, you wrote:
>The first time I load start.html and press the 'Show City Code' button on the
>bottom frame everything works fine.  If I reload the bottom frame from the
>Netscape View menu and then click on the 'Show City Code' button (In the real
>app, I'll be switching between several versions of the bottom frame), Netscape
>core dumps.  I'm running the X-Windows (HPUX) version of 2.0.  Has anybody seen
>this, or does anybody have any suggestions?
><TITLE>Frame Test</TITLE>
>  SRC=top.html
>  NAME=topFrame>
>  SRC=bottom.html
>  NAME=bottomFrame>
><H1>City List</H1>
><FORM NAME="CityNames">
><SELECT NAME="city">
><OPTION VALUE="cgs"> Baltimore, MD
><OPTION VALUE="cef"> Boston, MA
><OPTION VALUE="dal"> Dallas, TX
>function GetCity() {
>  cityList=parent.frames['topFrame'].document.CityNames.city
>  cityIndex=cityList.selectedIndex
>  cityCode=cityList.options[cityIndex].value
>  alert(cityCode)
>  }
>  NAME="CityInfo">
><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Show City Code" onClick="GetCity()">
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