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RE: Loading files into frames

On Tuesday, February 27, 1996 3:23 PM, Chris Moses[SMTP:chris@monica.papyrus.com] wrote:
>Howdy folks,
>	I am glad I found this list. I'm sure it will be a big 
>help and I will do my best to contribute usefull information.
>A question:
>I have a page with 4 frames on it. When the user clicks a button
>I want to load new HTML files into 3 of the frames. 
>I know how to pop up a new window with the info on it this isn't 
>what I want to do.
>Any ideas?
>Chris Moses
>Systems Manager
>Papyrus Technology
>Voice (408) 867-9801
>Fax (408) 867-9802
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Well, Netscape does it on their pages, maybe you can "borrow" some source from them. Me,
not knowing JavaScript, used Nested frames to achieve this on mine.

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