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Re: Frames and JS

On Feb 27,  5:55pm, Chris Moses wrote:
> Subject: Frames and JS

> 1. Do not use a <a href=... onclick="newurl()"> format. The problem is
> that this causes Navigator to try to go to the url specified in the JS and
> the url specified in the anchor. Result=blowup

Actually, you can use a slight modification of this format.  I use <a href=...
onclick="newurl()" target=FRAME1> where FRAME1 gets the URL specified in the
href portion and newurl() is programed to dump it's info into FRAME2.

I like this method because it lets me keep the standard link format.  Buttons
can be messy and large at times.  What's extra nice about this method is that
the href link can be essentially a dummy by pointing it to a frame that is
either very small or has static information in it, and you now have hyperlinked
text that runs a JavaScript function!


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