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Re: checking for plug-ins

Sorry it came across that way, Andy.  I meant to said the code in the FAQ is
pretty much useless.  I didn't mean the FAQ itself was useless.  I'm sorry
you took it the wrong way, though I can see how my wording might have
suggested that.  I certainly didn't mean it in that manner, and in fact, I
find your FAQ extremely helpful, and often point people to it.  The effort
you put into the FAQ shows, and I'm sure many people appreciate it, me included.

Very sorry I offended.  It was definitely not my intention!

Revised version:  "Because of this, the code in the documentation(?), and
the similar code in the FAQ, is pretty much useless, IMO."  All better now? <g>

-- Gordon

At 04:59 PM 2/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
>At 01:33 PM 2/28/96 -0800, Gordon McComb wrote:
>>In answer to that query, there doesn't seem to be a way 
>>to check for plugins and silently return true or false (it's only silent if 
>>it's true).  Because of this the code in the documentation (?) and the FAQ is 
>>pretty much useless, IMO.
>>-- Gordon
>Hmmm... useless information.  Since day 1 there's been a disclaimer in the
>FAQ which states the problems with the plugin detection function.  The
>reason it's there is to 'inform' people who don't know that true detection
>in JS currently isn't possible (or hasn't been hacked...yet).  Seems to me
>that this serves the purpose of a FAQ, answering frequently asked questions
>which in turn keeps topics that have already been covered out of groups like
>I was under the impression that for something to be informative it had to
>tell you something that you didn't know.  In this sense, your follow up post
>would seem to be the 'useless' item.
>Not knocking you Gordon, you provide a wealth of information for the group.
>Just take a minute to think about what you call useless before you try to
>discredit someboy else's 'free' advice (the FAQ).  It may not have the
>answer to detecting the plug-in, but it does relay what's already been covered.
>I believe Brendan's working to add plug-ins for 2.1
>Andy Augustine

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