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Re: checking for plug-ins

At 01:33 PM 2/28/96 -0800, Gordon McComb wrote:
>In answer to that query, there doesn't seem to be a way 
>to check for plugins and silently return true or false (it's only silent if 
>it's true).  Because of this the code in the documentation (?) and the FAQ is 
>pretty much useless, IMO.
>-- Gordon

Hmmm... useless information.  Since day 1 there's been a disclaimer in the
FAQ which states the problems with the plugin detection function.  The
reason it's there is to 'inform' people who don't know that true detection
in JS currently isn't possible (or hasn't been hacked...yet).  Seems to me
that this serves the purpose of a FAQ, answering frequently asked questions
which in turn keeps topics that have already been covered out of groups like

I was under the impression that for something to be informative it had to
tell you something that you didn't know.  In this sense, your follow up post
would seem to be the 'useless' item.

Not knocking you Gordon, you provide a wealth of information for the group.
Just take a minute to think about what you call useless before you try to
discredit someboy else's 'free' advice (the FAQ).  It may not have the
answer to detecting the plug-in, but it does relay what's already been covered.

I believe Brendan's working to add plug-ins for 2.1

Andy Augustine

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