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JS in tables?

I was trying to implement the SNARK web search JS in one of my pages 
which uses tables (such that the script was initially located within
one of the tables), but I discovered that NS (SunOS, 2.0) would try
to render the text of the script first, then place the necessary 
script info, which of course was unacceptable.  Is this a known 
problem with NS, Tables, and JS?

Also, after the above, I moved the main part of the script to 
the <head> of the document, and only called SNARK's DisplayForm() 
within the table.  However, the JS no longer seems to work right; 
instead of going to the page of the appropriate engine, the SNARK 
returns the URL of my page, along with the appropriately formated 
search string for the intended engine.  What am I doing wrong here?

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