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variable question

greetings scriptland.

	i'm still looking for information on how javascript-generated objects and
variables are accessed by navigator. if i create two "objects" in one frame, how
do i get other frames to recognize their existence? these are not"physical"
objects (windows, documents, forms, etc.) but are "instances" of a function
which defines players in a game.
   An example:

   function player(start_score){
     this.score = start_score;

   Instances are created by:

   function set_name(){
     x = [the ancestry of a text input];
     x.name.value = new player(get_value("radio", [radio group 'which_game'])

   So if i type "sid" in the text input and click "501" in the radio group i get
an object:


   I'd like to store the two players in an array object so i can reference them
by index number- it makes player tracking and switching easier. One problem- how
to get the other frames to recognize the existence of said array/objects.

	any help would be appreciated.

steve ivy, 
ArtLab Europe, 
Altensteig, Germany... 4:00 am

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