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Where can I host a JavaScript game?

I've written a galactic conquest game in JavaScript. I've had people
playtesting the early versions for a month or so off a private site. I
think it's ready for public beta-testing now. The problem is that I can't
get a page up with my ISP.

What I need is some kind soul to play host to my game. Or at least a good
lead on where to find a site that hosts people's games. There's 15 files,
totalling to around 250K or so. 5 background graphics, the rest HTML. I'll
need to arrange with the site's adminstrator how to get the files there.
FTP will probably be the best method.

I would very much prefer to have my game on a public site in the next
couple of days. My employer is sending me to the Netscape JavaScript
Conference March 5 (and there was much rejoicing). I'd like people to have
a chance of looking at it before then. I'm hoping to get some good tips
while I'm there. If someone at the conference asks me where to find it, I'd
like to have an answer for them.

Private email would be fine, unless you've got info you think other people
could benefit from.

In case you're interested, here's a short description of the game:

You start off with a single star system and a low level of technology. You
construct fleets and try to send them to other systems to place colonies.
Every star system has it's own ratings for habitability, resources and
information. Those ratings affect colony growth, construction and research.
There is a computer opponent starting from some other system. You will
eventually need to defeat its fleets and destroy its colonies. Play takes
place through a two-tier time scale, alternating between a single strategic
turn and any number of jump attempts/battle rounds. The total number of
systems is variable, defaulting to 9. At that number I can play a game in
an hour or two, covering a thousand strategic turns or so. Assuming I'm not
killed earlier than that, of course ;).

Please don't ask me for the URL to the alpha test site. Once I've found a
site to put my game on, I'll post the URL here.

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