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keeping the base straight


First let me say that I am new to this list and javascript.  I have two 
questions one javascript related and one possibly js related.

1)  I wrote a short js (my first one) to load a doc in a frame.  Here it 

<script language="javascript">

function loadpix( obj, url)
	obj.location = url

It's in the head of my topmost frameset.

Then in another link I have the following onLoad in the body

onLoad="parent.loadpix(parent.toc, 'people/people_pix.html');"

toc is one of my frames.  Everything works fine the first time.  But if 
the reader does a reload of the documnet I get an error that it can't 
find "http://www.irc.chmcc.org>/people/people/people_pix.html"  i.e. 
It's changing the base?  

Anyway around this? 

2) This same homepage http://www.irc.chmcc.org/ which loaded fine on 
development in NS 2.0 as a file on a Mac, when transferred to a SunOS 
4.1.3 running NCSA httpd 1.4.2 crashes the same computer everytime!  
I've tried it on other macs and some crash some don't (they are a 
mixture of OpenTransport and MacTCP).  It loads fine in UNIX.  Is this a 
bug or something with these systems?

  Phil Williams, Ph.D.
  Research Instructor                   
  Children's Hospital Medical Center    "One man gathers what
  Imaging Research Center                   another man spills..."
  3333 Burnet Ave.                             -The Grateful Dead
  Cincinnati, OH 45229
  email: williams@irc.chmcc.org
  URL: http://www.irc.chmcc.org/~williams/
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