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Re: Recording User's Email Address automatically

the secret handshake is a netscape 2.0 browser... it's the only one that
handles frames and javascript currently.

also, i had a breaking out of a frame into the top window problwm which
i've solved using -

<a name="Out"></a>
<a href="#Out" OnClick="parent.location.href=parent.main.location.href"><img
src="graphics/breakout.gif" border=0  height=44 width =44 ></a>

still feel free and check it out, although the javascript mailto: thingie
is no longer in introleft.html, but it is in homepage.html.

>	I have tried to visit the page. The page said that it is a 
>personal clube. I need special technique to go throung. What is the secret.
>Best Regards,
>Hoson Lam
>On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Stan wrote:
>> >    Has anyone found a way to save a user's Email address upon entering your
>> >web site
>> >    thru Javascript?  (or for that matter any non-cgibin method?)
>> check out http://www.iquest.net/~plantone/index.html
>> the javascript code you want to look at is on the introleft.html page which
>> is framed from index.html.  it basically does a mailto: of a hidden form
>> (i think i'm collecting browser info still)... the incoming mail has the
>> email return address set in the browser.

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