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I'm looking for a JavaScript help. I want to do several things:

a) I'm developing a site which utilizes four frames.  From the NAVBAR
frame, I want to click an icon, which then updates TWO of the other frames.
How do I do it?

b) One of these updated frames should then run a JavaScript, which randomly
generates a number between 1 and 20, and appends it to a file name (ie,
graphic.7.gif), which is then loaded. A timer then begins, and counts 30
seconds and then adds 1 to the file name (ie, graphic.8.gif) which is then
loaded. and so on. Once it reaches graphic.20.gif, the cycle should restart
at graphic.1.gif.

Anyone? If you can help even with the A) question, it would be a lifesaver.

Chris Brewer

              Chris Brewer      chris@netxperts.com
                       NetXperts: Web Page Design
          16731 E. Iliff, Suite 214   Aurora CO  80013

          World Wide Web: http://www.netxperts.com
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