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Re: frames/javascript urls?

The usual cause of form buttons not working right is including images on the
page that lack
height and width tags.  This is a known bug; see the release notes for
Netscape 2.0
for details.

-- Gordon

At 08:12 AM 2/22/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello i'm having some probs with JavaScript.  I have written some 
>JavaScript that is used in the <FORM> tag and under netscape 2.0 browsers 
>both betas and final, it does not always seem to work?  Perhaps I missed 
>something?  I can get it to work if I load up Netscape Gold, click the 
>edit button, when it asks me to save, i click cancel, and then the 
>buttons will work.  wierd eh?

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