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frames/javascript urls?

i am posting this for someone who doesn't have access could you please cc
any answers to him at
williams@irc.chmcc.org? thanks


I have been playing with javascript and frames to get two frames to load
two different urls with one button click.  I understand the target tag
and everything works fine for loading in one frame.  But to get the
other to load I wrote this short javascript function in the head portion
of the topmost framesrc

function loadpix( obj, url)
    obj.location = url

Then in the body tag I have the following:

onLoad="parent.loadpix(parent.frame1, 'relative/url.html');"

The first time the document loads both frames load properly.  However,
If I try to reload the frame that has the onLoad command the url path
get screwed up.  It looks like this:


Do you know anyway around this?  Should I do something like:

if ( parent.frame1.location != "relative/url.html") parent.loadpix....

That just seemed a round about way?  I also tried a base tag in the
relative/url.html file, which didn't work.

Thanks in advance and I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.



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