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Re(2): Sound loop.

>It will annoy the heck out of everyone. Well what I want to do is play
>a looping audio file seamlessly. Well I guess Shockwave or Java will
>probably play a looping audio file better than JS. Unless there is a
>Plug-in that can do this. What's better is if it can do this using
>continuous streaming.

Quicktime MIDI works very well with the KM quicktime plugin for Netscape. Mac only for the time being. There's another MIDI plug for Netscape that I think is cross platform, but I'm not sure.  Try the plug in plaza at www.browserwatch.com. Neither do streaming like realaudio, but this shouldn't be far off. Midi is so much smaller than sampled audio, I can't see why a plug that supports streaming isn't being developed somewhere.

My page has Quicktime MIDI. It's www.framezero.com

follow the links for the "enemy of evil"
There will be more later this week.

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