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Re: Sound loop.

Andy Augustine wrote:
> I fear people will actually use this (it could get worse than scrolling text in status bars), but you asked for it. Try using the 
> Andy Augustine
> aug@ix.netcom.com
>> to play a sound in js you'd use location="<anysound>.au".
>> But what if you'd want to loop the sound?
>> Is there a way to loop the sound using js.
>> anthony

I've tried that in a test page. Results: I Recommend NEVER try this:
var timerID=NULL;
document.write (navigator.appCodeName + "<br>");
document.write (navigator.appName + "<br>");
document.write (navigator.appVersion + "<br>");
document.write (navigator.userAgent + "<br>");
function loopsound () {

It will annoy the heck out of everyone. Well what I want to do is play 
a looping audio file seamlessly. Well I guess Shockwave or Java will 
probably play a looping audio file better than JS. Unless there is a 
Plug-in that can do this. What's better is if it can do this using 
continuous streaming.


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