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Stop Load

Hello ,
I am develloping a site that uses different frames : 

|    Navigation Bar    |
|   |                  |
|   |                  |
|   |                  | 
|   |  General         |
|   |                  |  

the navigation Bar frame is an image map wich simulates the back , home,
forward  for the frame General.
I use an Image map with 
Href="javascript:history.back()" Target="General"
Href="javascript:history.forward()" Target="General"
Href="index.html" Target="General"
for these 3 function , and it works .
Now I would like to have a fourth button that simulates the stop button.
When you click on this icone in the frame Navigation Bar, it should stop the
loading in the frame General. Is it possible, and if yes can somebody help
me ????
Thanks in advance.
And please excuse my poor English , I am a french guy !!!! :(

Manahune .

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