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Re: Getting out....

At 08:47 AM 2/16/96 -0500, Glacier wrote:
>i have written every possible combination of unsubscribe messages to
>majordomo@obscure.org, and each one tells me that i am not a member of the
>mailing list.  i still get a mailbox full of letters every day, is there
>something i am missing? ive tried:
>unsubscribe "Adam Hegedus" <ach119@email.psu.edu>
>unsubscribe "Adam C. Hegedus" <ach119@email.psu.edu>
>unsubscribe  <ach119@email.psu.edu>
>unsubscribe <ach119@psu.edu>

  try #1 or #2 without the quotes