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Javascripts causing segmentation faults.

Greeting all:

I wrote a web version of "Bubble Wrap" as a demo to test some Javascript
routines.  The script works fine for many pops, but eventually, the script
will crash the Netscape browser (with a segmentation fault).  The crash
seems to be due to memory allocation, but I'm not sure.  When I increase
the number of bubbles per sheet, less pops are needed to crash Netscape.
I looked all over my script and could not find any errors.  You can try
out the demo, and look at the source, at:


You can also increase the number of bubbles per sheets, by changing
variables "M" & "N", which are the number of bubbles per row and
column respectively.  My apology for the clink noise when you pop
the bubbles, I couldn't find any popping sound files.  :-(

     BTW, I am running the "unknown-386BSD" version of Netscape 2.0
on a NetBSD 1.1 (Unix) PC.  And Netscape only seems to crash with my
script.  Does this script crash Netscape on other platforms?

Thanks in advance.  Sincerely, Alicia.
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