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Re: About Scrolling text

Check the Javascript FAQ for info on setTimeout bug in Netscape 2.0:


At 01:40 AM 2/14/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I have scrolling text on my page also.  
>**** But has anyone notice if you let the page sit on the desktop on a 
>Mac and go back to the finder and open an "About this Macintosh" window 
>and run that window and Netscape side by side you can actually watch the 
>memory fill up (the bar will become more shaded) because of the Script.  
>This eventually causes a JavaScript: Error Out of Memory.  I'm not sure 
>if this unique to the Mac Platform.  On my Win 95 machine I think it just 
>keeped allocating Virtual Memory.*******
>Also does any one no how to stop that from happening?  How can I set my 
>script to only scroll the lines 3 or 4 times around to avoid this happening?
>Thanx. Chris Flint  ***** http://labwww.csv.cmich.edu/chris/   *********