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About Scrolling text

I have scrolling text on my page also.  

**** But has anyone notice if you let the page sit on the desktop on a 
Mac and go back to the finder and open an "About this Macintosh" window 
and run that window and Netscape side by side you can actually watch the 
memory fill up (the bar will become more shaded) because of the Script.  
This eventually causes a JavaScript: Error Out of Memory.  I'm not sure 
if this unique to the Mac Platform.  On my Win 95 machine I think it just 
keeped allocating Virtual Memory.*******

Also does any one no how to stop that from happening?  How can I set my 
script to only scroll the lines 3 or 4 times around to avoid this happening?
Thanx. Chris Flint  ***** http://labwww.csv.cmich.edu/chris/   *********