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JavaScript/Applet Function

Well, it's an inelegant solution at best, but I came up with a small function
to call an Applet from JavaScript.

However, since I still can't figure out how to pass variables I guess it's all academic.

Demo as follows :

function disp_applet ( _codebase, _code, _WIDTH, _HEIGHT, _parameters)
    document.write( "<APPLET CODEBASE='" + _codebase + "' CODE=" + _code
	+ " WIDTH=" + _WIDTH + " HEIGHT=" + _HEIGHT + " >");

<TITLE>Applet in JavaScript</TITLE>

<H1> Dislay Applet From Javascript </H1>

disp_applet('classes','StarField.class','300','300','<PARAM NAME=STARS VALUE=33><PARAM NAME=SPEED VALUE=25>')