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Re: creating bookmarks?

>Devon Lazarus wrote:
>> searched the handbook but could not find any way to create a bookmark for
>> the user(client) from an action button. ideally i would like to have a
>> button on a page that will actually bookmark another frame in the navigator
>> window. is it possible?
>I don't know of any way and I hope there isn't.  I know how nice it would
>be, but do you really want people
>having access to your bookmarks, or being able to access the list and
>delete the items. I can just see my
>bookmark list growing and growing as I visit sites that think they belong
>in my list.  No thanks ;)
>-- Robert

i think you misunderstood my purpose. i would never presume to add my
bookmark to someone's list just because i felt that my site was a necessary
addition to everyone's bookmarks (even though c|net is "the number one
computing site on the net" ;) ). however i would like to figure out a
solution that would provide my clients who are using frames with a method
for creating a bookmark to a particular page. as is stands now i have to
create a new html file that, using javascript, adds anchors to a page that
the user has allowed to come up. if netscape wants everyone to use frames
then they really have work to do.

it seems like netscape (or microsoft) could provide a method for adding to
the bookmark file (or history for that matter) through javascript. reading
from, or adding to, the bookmark file could be facilitated in the same
manner that we are able access the history file. of course the limitations
of the java appletContext will never allow us to do this unless we turn it
into a real java application and download that to the clients hard drive.
there must be a way and i'll find it before i die :)

anyone? anyone? bueller? beuller?


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