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Using command line mocha:

I discovered (perhaps everyone knows this already)
that if you load a page that has some function  blarg(), and 
then select "open url" and type "mocha:blarg()" without the quotes

it will attempt to perform that function.  I knew already that mocha:
would work with a command line style , but I did not know that
this could call functions that weren't built in....

This would be excellent for people scripting netscape with say 
applescript, because you could then use the mocha:  to tell this 
JavaScript to do
things (which might involve openig a help app, etc.) and all you have to do
is tell netscape to open a new url with mocha:foo();bar(); etc.

for a concrete example, load my page at

and then open a url an type mocha:goback()

and it will go back to the previous page.

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