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Marquees, locals, and others.

On the marquees question:
What do you mean by a marquee? If you mean the effect that frames achieve,
where you section off part of a page, you can do it with a combination of
tables and backgrounds. Check out the sidebar at www.delphi.co.uk for an

On the local-variables-in-a-function question:
Nice and easy: use the 'var' command inside the function to declare the

And one of my own...
Does anyone know, for sure, where defined variables and functions *go*?
I mean, here's an example...
I've got a frame called "blah" which loads a page which defines some
functions. Now, I can call these functions by doing blah.funcname(), right?
Or can I? Is there a way of listing functions belonging to a frame? What
about variables?
What I'm really concerned about here is data security. If I've got hidden
stuff in variables how can I be sure that nothing else can look at it?

-- Yoz

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