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Re: Javascript prompting FIND

>For a client-side application the
>entire database has to
>be downloaded to the browser, and that's sort of against the whole idea of
>the Internet.  
>Your users probably don't want to wait for all the data to be downloaded to
>their machine
>just so they can use the database.

I suppose this depends on what you mean to be a "database." For small 
collections of data, I see nothing wrong with embedding the data as, say, 
a JavaScript array. A 10-15K database is no larger than your average 
.gif, and adds a lot of power to the document. Moreover, not everyone can 
muck with CGIs on their ISP's Unix boxes, so creating a serverless CGI is 
a real boon for a JavaScript-enhanced document.

>Of course, mine will be the best... <g>

You know, I was saying the _very same thing_ last night.