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Re: Javascript prompting FIND

At 03:22 PM 1/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I would term my idea to be called a Client side database.
>Is it possible that javascript could prompt the FIND search dialog box 
>to appear ? The situation would be for a large index file. If it
>is possible, then the second question is can one modify the Find dialog
>box to allow for search modifications. 

You probably don't want to do this.  For a client-side application the
entire database has to
be downloaded to the browser, and that's sort of against the whole idea of
the Internet.  
Your users probably don't want to wait for all the data to be downloaded to
their machine
just so they can use the database.

You'd be better off either using server-side JavaScript (LiveWire) or good
ol' CGI.  In fact,
if you can upload a CGI script to your server, this is probably the best
method, as there are
tons of already written and free database applications.  Which application
you use depends on
the server you have.  If it's a Unix server, for example, you can use the
freely available grep
program, and write a simple shell script to activate it.  No sense
reinventing the wheel.

BTW, Danny's isn't the only JavaScript book due out.  Both Wes Tatters and I
are doing one
(different books; same subject).  I think Andrew Woolridge who does the
JavaScript Index page
is also supposed to be doing one.  There are (no joke) at least 10 such
books due out over the 
course of this year alone.  Of course, mine will be the best... <g>

-- Gordon