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Re: NS Navigator 2.0 release

At 11:41 AM 2/4/96 -0500, Brendan  Gramer wrote:

>No kidding. It's the "Microsoft threat looming in the horizon" that has
>Netscape releasing product as beta ASAP to keep market share in their
>corner. Sadly enough, this is the same reason Apple is getting neglected.

The thing that irks me is that you have to _pay_ to become a Netscape
Partner ... to the tune of $500/year.  Now, if my $500 is only gonna give me
5-minute advance notice (if any) ... then they can go find someone else to milk.

>*if* Sun buys Apple, I wouldn't be surprised if Netscape made the Mac a
>higher priority for Java Development in their browsers and servers.

Ain't gonna happen ... latest news is Apple didn't like the flat price Sun
offered (I don't think they're really in any position to be picky ...).

>See our Shockwave Arcade Games (Frogger and Space Invaders) at:

Cool ... I'll have to check them out.  On the flip side, y'all might wanna
take a quick gander at:


My brother's a (starving) computer artist/commercial illustrator ... and
we've been supercharging his site with Shockwave and JavaScript (kinda got
no choice on JavaScript:  it's the only Web extension concept that runs on
both PC _and_ Mac).

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