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Loading frames from select

>I have a pretty simple window with 2 frames - one has a form with a SELECT 
>tag.  Based on the user input from that select tag, I would like to load 
>different HTML pages into the other frame.

I've been working on a similar problem. I adapted some code from the BigBus 
magazine page (http://www.gulf.net/~ptlg/bb/content.html). I modified it so that
instead of going to a different window, JavaScript loads a document into a 
target frame.  Here it is:


<!-- Hide JavaScript code from older browsers

function update(form)
var thepath="file:///HD/Stuff/Vegetables%20GIFs/"

// if the user selects the "See young animal" option
	// update the animal frame with the appropriate animal picture
	parent.frames[0].location=thepath + "calf.gif"

// if the user selects the "Hear the animal" option
	//update the animal frame with the appropriate picture
	parent.frames[0].location=thepath + "cowsound.gif"
<!-- Done hiding JavaScript --> </SCRIPT>

<FORM NAME="myform">
<SELECT NAME="select1" onChange="update(this.form)">
<OPTION>See young animal
<OPTION>Hear sound animal makes

Hope this helps.

Sarah Withee
Internet consultant and multimedia software developer