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Game. Broken lines.

I've written a "conquer the stars" game in JavaScript. I've got some people
giving it initial tests right now. If anyone here would like to see it, let
me know through email. If you want more information first, let me know and
I'll send it to the list.

I've been sending the files as text attachments to email messages. Most of
the replies I've gotten back have talked about numerous errors involving
improperly terminated lines of script. There are some fairly long lines in
the code (there used to be much more). It appears that somewhere in the
transmission those longer lines are being wrapped when they shouldn't be.

I'd like some recommendations on the best way to prevent this problem, if
anyone has any to give.

I've also run into some problems with "memory leakage". As the game goes on
more and more of Netscape's memory gets used up, until it runs out
completely (or crashes). Do var's in functions get flushed from memory each
time the function is called, or are they reallocated (using more memory)
every time the function is used? Is there anything else that's known to eat
up memory over repeated use?