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Re: ?? onMouseOver without a link...??

> I am creating Web pages that include a glossary.  I'd like users to be able to
> move the cursor over a highlighted term and have a glossary item for that term
> appear in a particular frame.
> This all works fine except that the only way I can make an item responsive to an
> onMouseOver event is to make the item a link.  Is there any way to make a
> sequence of characters responsive to an onMouseOver event without making the
> item a link?

Try to use the link without defining 'url', i.e., <A [NAME = whatever
name] ONMOUSEOVER = function()>your_character_sequence</A>

You might even be able to run it without defining a name for it. I have
not tried it, so let me know if it worked.

- Edas