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Re: Window.open(), won't load lpage on first try

On Thu, 1 February 1996, Robert Thuleen wrote:

> Micha Berger wrote:
> > 
> > I tried the window.open() snippet, and I found the first click opens the
> > window, and sets it off in a "loading page" state ad nauseum. The page
> > doesn't actually get loaded until a second click.
> > 
> > I then tried a function with two identical window.open()s, and made
> > that the onClick, and things worked fine.
> > 
> > Is this a bug, or do I misunderstand window.open()?
> As far as I know, it's a bug. I have to do the same thing myself.

	FYI, this seems to work fine for the Windows 95 2.0b6a version.

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