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Re: Accessing the history list

>I've been trying to access the URLs in the history list as strings  
>(rather than loading one directly) with no luck.  There is no mention of 
>a method in the history object to convert to a string (i.e. 
>history[i].toString), but the docs do say that history is an array of 
>URLs (read: 'locations' ??)  Any ideas how to access an element of the 
>history list without actually going there ?

Unfortunately history is *not* an array of locations, at least not one where
you can access individual elements. There's been a lot of discussion on the
Netscape Javascript newsgroup about this, and the reason for not being able
to access elements is that it's a security hole, since you can get the data
from GET forms with it. There's a chance it'll be in 2.1 when they've added
some sort of data-tainting mechanism.

(it's a pity, since I had a few neat tricks in mind with it...)

-- Yoz

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