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Re: Accessing the history list

>I've been trying to access the URLs in the history list as strings
>(rather than loading one directly) with no luck.  There is no mention of
>a method in the history object to convert to a string (i.e.
>history[i].toString), but the docs do say that history is an array of
>URLs (read: 'locations' ??)  Any ideas how to access an element of the
>history list without actually going there ?

don't know if this is really possible anymore. in mozilla 2.0b2 it was
available and someone wrote a script that took the entire history and
printed it on an html page to demonstrate that unscrupulous developers
could "steal" this information. netscape realized the possibilities and
removed the "feature". sorry that i no longer have the original url that
demonstrated this but maybe someone else on this list might.


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