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Re: Window.open(), won't load lpage on first try

> I tried the window.open() snippet, and I found the first click opens the
> window, and sets it off in a "loading page" state ad nauseum. The page
> doesn't actually get loaded until a second click.
> I then tried a function with two identical window.open()s, and made
> that the onClick, and things worked fine.
> Is this a bug, or do I misunderstand window.open()?

As far as I understand, window.open() wants you to have already declared
window/frame for it to be opened.  Say, if you do open for a frame that is
declared, it will load the page with the first call.  When you do open
without declaration it will first open the window (sort of, will declare it)
and then will load the page into already "declared" window/frame. That's just
my observation.  If you want to have the separate window open without any
hassles use any the name of any existing frame currently not on the screen
and it should load your page.  Still, if worked, it would only be a
work-around to yet another Netscape Mozilla's problem.

- Edas

PS  At this point I start to feel that Mozilla and JavaScript sucks, because
they do not deliver what the hype was all about.