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Re: Questions to Netscape about JavaScript:

At 08:16 14/01/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Hey all,  Actually I'm glad to see this many books in progress on 
>JAVAscript, lets just hope they don't change the name on you!

JavaScript this week - MicrosoftScript the next <G>

>QUESTION:  I would like to make a script that does this:

>There is a navigation bar, (a bunch of images next to each other), When 
>the mouse moves over any one of them it highlights that one.  I figured 
>I could do it by setting the border proerty true each time the mouse 
>goes over one then false when it leaves.  PROBLEM: pretty simple really, 
>I don't know how to do it and just want some help.  thanks

It can be done very easily with MacroMedia Director and shockwave, but not
so easily with JavaScript. Dont think changing the border property will have 
much effect since it has already be rendered. 

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